Evil eye bracelet

Evil eye bracelet

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This exquisite anti-jealousy bracelet features the powerful "evil eye" amulet that protects against harm caused by the jealousy of others.

Features the blue Evil eye" amulet to keep repel bad intentions of others.
Wear it daily to work to protect against "evil eyes" at the office
Wear it to social functions to remove jealousy vibes from fair-weathered friends
Best worn on the right hand near the pulse point.
Care instructions

Studded with genuine Grade-A zirconia diamonds.
Platinum-plated, with resin imprints.
Repeated exposure to sweat and perfume may tarnish the finish of the bracelet.
Wash with light soapy water periodically to maintain its shine and cleanliness.

SKU: 014006900218
Make: Alloy with platinum plating and zirconia
Weight: 15 grams
Length: 21.0 cm
Width: 2.0 cm
*The above measurements are all approximate.