24K Floating Gold Flakes in Bottle
24K Floating Gold Flakes in Bottle
24K Floating Gold Flakes in Bottle
24K Floating Gold Flakes in Bottle

24K Floating Gold Flakes in Bottle

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24K Floating Gold Flakes in a Bottle!

These mesmerising, water-filled bottles contain flakes of pure 24-carat Gold are from Brazil precious metal that has been treasured throughout history, Gold is often used as a symbol of wealth and power. Gold is very conductive and regenerative. Gold balances the energy fields, attracts positive energy, and amplifies the healing properties of stones with which it is used. Gold amplifies self confidence as well, (sometimes to the point of arrogance), and helps one to recognize the positive qualities of others.

Gold's long association with love and faithfulness have made it a popular choice for gifts. Gold is said to bring wealth and happiness to its user. Often associated with the Sun, Gold brings an understanding of nature, and can be used to boost the Solar Plexus Chakra or to balance the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Gold can be used to enhance sexuality and creativity, and is a great stone for those going through difficult situations, including poor health. Those who are experiencing depression or lack of stamina, can work with Gold to help improve these conditions, bringing a more positive energetic influence into one's life.

Gold is the eternal metal of the Sun that neither tarnishes or corrodes and has long enthralled all cultures and societies. A great enhancer to be used with Feng Shui, add to your wealth bowl, wealth vase or place around your house & office to generate the Golden energy. Placed more bottles to double your golden opportunities.

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Approx. Size: 2 1/8" H x 1 1/4" W