Crystal lotus flower (Heaven Luck)
Crystal lotus flower (Heaven Luck)

Crystal lotus flower (Heaven Luck)

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Wisdom and purity. To rise above wordly matters.

This Crystal Lotus Flower represents similar beliefs in Indian and Chinese culture. In Chinese (lien Hua) it represents the knowledge that one can reach great heights of wisdom and spiritual grace from the depths of darkness and despair. This is drawn from the fact that the beauty and grace of the lotus flower actually arises from muddy and murky waters. In Indian culture it is seen as a worthy symbol of the higher spirit rising above the mundane trivialities of human life to aspire to greater wisdom. Buddha's are often seated upon the lotus flower because of its great symbolism of purity and transcendence.

This lotus flower may be placed where it reflects light to enhance and remind us of higher aspirations.

Height 60mm  x width 90 mm x depth 35 mm (approximate)