Dragon Water on timber stand
Dragon Water on timber stand

Dragon Water on timber stand

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This is a stunningly detailed representation of the Blue Water Dragon grasping a dragon ball and riding on a sea of waves. Traditionally, a Dragon with ball in its claws is a powerful symbol of wealth and power – signifying the successful attainment of wealth, power, career fulfilment and abundance of opportunities. The blue crystal-like resin and the waves symbolizes Water energy which is a vital element in the practice of Feng Shui.

Water, the source of life and vital for all known living beings has an amazing healing power as it cleanses, refreshes and restores energy in our lives. In traditional Feng Shui water, represented by the colour blue, is associated with abundance and prosperity. If you want to activate more prosperity in your life you might try adding the element of water into your home. Energizing the water element of your space is an effective way to enhance good fortune and generally bring more opportunity to every aspect of your life. It is especially beneficial for boosting the positive energies of the good stars such as #1 White Star and #8 Wealth Star according to Feng Shui FlyingStars.