Golden Wealth Ship Sticker
Golden Wealth Ship Sticker

Golden Wealth Ship Sticker

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Stickers to invite good luck.

The wealth ship is an extremely sought-after enhancer of Feng Shui, especially for placement in the homes and business turfs of the Chinese moguls in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia – it is believed to have developed to be a secret of business, bringing in wealth and success. This has also been further established by Feng Shui gurus the world over. Even famous Feng Shui Grandmaster Lilian Too has a wealth ship in her home!

Placing a feng shui wealth ship in your home or office is believed to bring you better wealth and fortune luck, as well as increase the abilities of your business and profits. You may even use more than one wealth ship in one area; this is said to attract more wealth luck, as they will represent manifold sources of earnings. You can choose to load the ship with gold ingots, coins, or semi-precious stones, but faux items will also suffice.

The wealth ship is essential for businessmen who are thriving to expand their businesses; the ship is said to assist them in achieving higher sales and more business opportunities.

Excellent Feng Shui gift for businessmen and storeowners.

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