Red Mountain of Gold for Fame and Recognition

Red Mountain of Gold for Fame and Recognition

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The Red Mountain of Gold brings excellent support from your superiors and activates Fame and Recognition luck. Designed by Lillian Too, this fiery mountain is ideal for those who are sitting facing North, Northeast or Southwest in their office. Place this very auspicious red mountain directly behind your chair to harness support from your bosses and colleagues. This is also an excellent image for activating Mountain 8 Stars located in the South, Southwest, and Northeast. Each print is personalized with genuine gold leaf to activate prosperity and success. 

Note: Gold Leaf is hand-applied by our craftsmen to ensure authenticity; hence every image order is unique. Please note that the print you receive could vary slightly from the photo shown. This is a limited-edition print from Lillian Too's Authentic Art collection.
  • SKU: 0010001001005
  • Length: 48.5 cm
  • Weight: 575 grams
  • Height: 39.0 cm

*The above measurements are all approximate.

* Print Illustrated on Picture may differ from actual illustrated print purchased as each piece is unique.