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STEAM DISTILLED LEAF - 100% Pure Essential Oil

Distillation is a method of separating components based on differences in volatile constituents in a heated mixture. Steam distillation involves bubbling steam through the plant material. The temperature of the steam is easy to control, making it ideal for heat-sensitive essential oils. The essential oils contained in plants are immiscible in water and have a higher boiling point, allowing the essential oil to vaporize at a lower temperature than it normally would on its own.

Key Ingredients are: citronellal, terpinen4ol, citronellol, citronellyl acetate, geranial, geranial acetate, and neral.

Bergamot or Kaffir Lime
is very well known in Asia and is used in many cleansing rituals. Kaffir Lime has a bumpy fruit with a rough skin. Open it and it resembles a sweet lime, except that it’s not so sweet. The kaffir lime leaf is a typical double leaf joined such that the lower part of the leaf is oval and the upper part resembles a heart shape. In Asia, limes are believed to be wonderful for good luck because they draw out all negative qi from your aura. In Feng Shui cleansing, using limes for detoxification for you and your spaces is very easy and affordable.

For cleansing, it can be used for
  • cleansing negative qi and eliminate odour
  • use to cleanse your personal self, your home, car, etc
  • it can cleanse your body, mind and energetic field of depression, anxiety, tension, and low spirit.
  • it promotes relaxation and lifts your qi.
  • it restores your aura and qi after attending a funeral, after a visit to the hospital or surrounded by negative people.
  • it restores your aura and qi after a bad break-up or losing a loved one.
  • it helps minimize bad energy when you are having a bad astrological month.

and for other usages,
  • it is an insect repellent
  • it helps with age marks, scars, pimples and anti ageing.
  • it helps lower rheumatism, arthritis, oedema, gout, or some other inflammatory condition.
  • beneficial use for a headache and migraines.

How to use Bergamot Essential Oil

  • For a bath, use 12-20 drops or more for cleansing. Will be much potent if you add white rock salt for cleansing. Soak your body for a minimum of 20 mins and pour a bucket of the water over your head. Towel or air dry after. This should be done after you have taken your normal shower.
  • For a foot bath, use 8-10 drops or more for cleansing. Soak feet in a tub of water and an option to add in white rock salt for a better cleansing result. Soak your feet for a minimum of 20 mins and pour away the water after using. Towel or air dry your feet after the cleanse.
  • Using it as a cleanse after a shower. Fill up water in your basin or in a bucket with 10-12 drops or more for cleansing. You can add in white rock salt for a more potent cleansing. Have your regular shower with soap, once done with your shower, scoop the cleansing water and pour from the head down to your body at least three times until finish. Towel or air dry after the cleanse.
  • For cleansing of a house, use 9-12 drops or more with water or mix it in with your cleansing detergent. It can be used for when mopping the floor, cleaning your front entrance door, windows, etc. It can be infused in a water bottle spray to make the cleanse easier. You can use it to cleanse your decorative items, feng shui items, etc. If mixed together with white rock salt it would be much more potent for cleansing.
  • Use it as in an oil burner or diffuser to keep the house cleanse at all times. The smell usually dispels any bad and negative energy.
  • If you have been a victim of lies, gossips or in any kind of negative attack. Take two kaffir limes, hold one in each hand rolling them in your palms as you say "All of the bad intentions, vibrations and harmful thoughts, words and actions of (the person's name) are pouring into these limes." Keep rolling them for about 5-10 minutes and then throw it into a river, drain or under a big tree. Toss one over your right shoulder, and the other over your left shoulder after which you continue walking without looking back. At home, take a cleansing bath with white rock salt and bergamot essential oil. Alternately, you can also use the bergamot essential oil by dropping one drop each on each palm. Visualize the person with the bad intention as you drop the oil onto your palm. Then start rubbing your palms together in a clockwise motion but saying "All of the bad intentions, vibrations and harmful thoughts, words and actions of (the person's name) are dissolving and dispersing through these lime oil." After which you open both your palms while visualising the person standing on your palms and give it a big blow as if blowing the person off your palm. One big blow for each palm. After that, cleanse yourself with a bath or shower with white rock salt and bergamot essential oil.
  • Drop 12-20 drops on your front entrance doormat, so that you do not bring in negative energy when coming home or when guest are visiting. You can also add white rock salt on the mat or below the mat so it cleanses away any negative energy before anyone steps into the house.
  • Use 5-6 drops as a massage oil to relax your mind, body and soul or use 1 drop on each foot before you go to bed.

If using to cleanse feng shui products or mixing it in rock salt remedy;

  • Use 9-12 drops or more in a bucket of water. Add in kaffir lime leaves, and white rock salt together in the bucket of water. Cleanse your products by dipping a cloth in the cleansing water and wiping the products until clean. The let it dry in the morning sun for at least one hour.
  • Add 6-7 drops in your rock salt remedy when using it to minimize the negative energy effect of the flying star number #5 or #2. Mix it well with the rock salt before placing in the I-Ching Coins and water.

Best way to Dispose

  • Because the feng shui Salt Remedy will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal. Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly discard the whole cure.
  • In some homes, this remedy needs to be replaced every couple of months, and in other homes just once or twice a year is enough. Keep an eye on your salt water remedy, and it if looks like it have done a lot of work, then replace it with a new one.
  • Traditionally, before the changeover Feng Shui energy on the 4th February, is always the time to place a new rock salt remedy or to replace the existing one yearly.