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This powerful remedy is designed to overcome Yin Energy that has accumulated over time. The Yang House infuses the home with vibrant chi and dissolves stale yin energy that can attract illness, robbery and death! Place this special plaque in your home if someone has just suffered a major illness, major separation or passed away. It is also a fabulous a house warming gift as it will dispel whatever negative energy left over from previous occupants.

The Yang House plaque is also an essential remedy to counter the YIN HOUSE STAR that visits the home in different locations every year. The Yin House star can often bring depression, illness and also bad news about a death in the family.

Place to suppress the Yin House Star.

SKU: 023008900160
Weight: 225 grams
Height: 12.9 cm
Length: 18.0 cm
Width: 0.7 cm
Make: Metal plated and perspex
*The above measurements are all approximate.